Vita-Antioxidant is part of USANA® CellSentials™ cellular nutrition system with U.S. patent=pending InCelligence cell-signalling technology. The CellSentials are designed to provide an essential foundation of optimal nourishment plus powerful antioxidant protection and mitochondrial renewal support for the health of your cells. Vita-Antioxidant supplies carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants plus the proprietary InCelligence Complex. Because vitamins and other micro nutrients require mineral co factors to function properly, Vita-Antioxidant should be taken with Core Minerals for best results.

The Benefits of Vita-Antioxidant

By combining optimal amounts of dozens of vitamins, phytonutrients, and enzyme cofactors into one product, Vita-Antioxidant helps fill nutritional gaps to provide whole-body nutritional support. The formula contains micronutrients that support multiple metabolic functions throughout the body.

With addition of the InCelligence Complex. Vita-antioxidant goes beyond delivering optimal nourishment to also initiate your cells’ innate antioxidant protection and renewal processes, enhancing the formula’s effectiveness for supporting vibrant health.

The Science of Vita-Antioxidant

The InCelligenve Complex is a unique blend of ingredients that can broadly support the activation of a network of cell-signalling pathways to support optimal cellular resilience, which supports your body’s ability to meet your individual health needs. While there are many health-optimizing pathways that the InCelligence Complex supports, there are two key processes it was designed to promote:

  • Endogenous antioxidant protection. Vita-Antioxidant provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Further, our bodies are also equipped with a naturally powerful defense system that can protect cells against damaging oxidative stress: antioxidants that are produced within our cells, such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase(SOD). The InCelligence Complex contains nutrients that proactively stimulate the productions of these endogenous antioxidants in addition to providing their own antioxidant activity. When combined with the additional antioxidants in the formula, including co enzyme Q10, beta carotene, and vitamins C, and E, Vita-Antioxidant with the InCelligence Complex provides significantly higher levels of protection.
  • Mitochondrial renewal through mitophagy. Vita-Antioxidant helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and protein. After those macro nutrients are broken down into smaller components, the mitochondria within our cells use them to produce cellular energy(ATP). During this process, high amounts of free radicals may also be generated. While antioxidants help protect the cell against oxidative damage caused by free radicals, some mitochondria will be damages over time. Damaged mitochondria within the cell can cause it to work inefficiently. They will produce less ATP and more damaging free radicals. To maintain efficiency, the cell initiates a natural response called mirophagy to degrade, remove, or recycle damages mitochondria. However, age or other lifestyle factors may slow this process. The InCelligence Complex helps activate mirophagy at the end of the metabolism cycle to renew healthy cellular function.

The InCelligence Complex includes quercetin, hesperidin, rutin, Meriva®* Bioavailable Curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, resveratol, EGCG from green tea, and USANA’s patented Olivol™ olive fruit extract. The cell-signalling processes it supports require a foundation of a full-spectrum of nourishing micro nutrients, which are also essential to whole-body well-being.

Vita-Antioxidant is a source of vitamin A for the maintenance of good health. The vitamin A is ovtained from a blend of retinyl acetate(for those who don’t convert beta-carotene to vitamin A efficiently),mixed carotenoids, and beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body only as needed. Beta-carotene, aslo known as provitamin A, helps maintain skin, membranes, and immune function. It also helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Along with the additional carotenoids in the formula= natural mixed carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin-beta-carotene also helps maintain eyesight, including night vision.

With optimal amounts of vitamins B6 and B12, thiamin, riboflacin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, and folate, Vita-Antioxidant helps to prevent deficiency of these vitamin micro nutrients. The B vitamins, which also include inositol, are essential to many aspects of our health, including the following:

  • Maintaining cardiovascular health
  • Metabolizing fats,proteins, and carbohydrates, which plays a role in maintaining energy levels
  • Supporting normal formation of red blood cells and tissue
  • Supporting normal growth
  • Folate helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects when taken daily prior to becoming pregnant and during early pregnancy.

Growth of healthy skin usually grouped with the B vitamins, though not technically a vitamin, choline is an essential nutrient that a growing body of research has shown is important for the maintenance of good health.

Vita-antioxidant is rich in vitamin C. USANA uses a unique Poly C® vitamin blend, which provides higher levels of vitamin C in plasma that ascorbic acid alone. Vitamin C helps in tissue formation because it is essential for synthesizing collagen, proteins that provide elasticity to our connective issues. Vitamin C supports the metabolizing of fats and proteins. It is especially important for the retina for eye-sight, where concentrations are significantly higher than in the blood. And it also supports healthy productions of immune cells. Additional vitamin C is also found in Core Minerals.

Vita-ANtioxidant contains advanced amounts of vitamin D, which plays a role in many aspects of good health. It is necessart for proper calcium absorption, helping to support healthy bone density. Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Vita-Antioxidant helps to prevent vitamin E deficiency by providing 50 IU of vitamin E plus 20mg of mixed tocopherols in each tablet. The mixed tocopherols, though not technically vitamin E, offer similar functions. This is a comprehensive blend with broad-spectrum support that more solely reflects what would come from a healthy diet.

For easy swallowing, Vita-Antioxidant is coated with a soy-free, sunflower-based coating.

The USANA Difference

Formulated by a team of nutritional-science experts using readily bio available forms of each nutrient, Vita-ANtioxidant offers excellent completeness,potency,quality, and safety. Vita-Antioxidant with the InCelligence Complex is uniquely formulated to go beyond providing the best possible vitamins and antioxidants to nourish your cells. It also helps to activate the natural intelligence of your cells to proactively promote cellular resilience, so your body is better able to meet your health needs. Together as the USANA CellSentials daily vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplements with U.S. patent-pending InCelligence™ cell-signalling technology-you can trust that Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant are the best comprehensive micro nutrient supplement you can choose to nourish, protect, and renew your health every day to provide life-long optimal health.

Recommended Use: provides vitamins for the maintenance of good health. provides antioxidants that help protect the cell against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.
Recommended Adult Dose: take two (2) tablets twice daily, preferably with meals providing protein.

two tablets contains:
Medicinal Ingredients

beta-carotene (beta-carotene, mixed carotenoids) 350 µg RAE* 3500 IU
vitamin a (450 µg RAE* retinyl acetate) 1500 IU
vitamin c (poly c© – calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc ascorbates) 200 mg
vitamin d3 (12.5 µg, cholecalciferol) 500 iu
vitamin e (67 mg AT, d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 100 iu
mixed tocopherols concentrate (glycine max – seed, helianthus annuus – seed) 40 mg
vitamin k1 (phylloquinone) 30 µg
vitamin k2 (menaquinone 7) 30 µg
vitamin b1 (thiamine hydrochloride) 15 mg
vitamin b2 (riboflavin) 15 mg
niacin 5 mg
niacinamide 15 mg
vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 16 mg
folic acid 300 µg
vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin) 100 µg
biotin 150 µg
pantothenic acid 45 mg
incelligence complex™ : dl-alpha-lipoic acid 226 mg
50 mg, resveratrol (polygonum cuspidatum – root)
29 mg, meriva® bioavailable curcumin complex
36 mg, green tea leaf extract – decaffeinated
[camellia sinensis(standardised to 70% – catechins)]
35 mg, olivol™ olive fruit 11:1 extract**
(olea europea) 15 mg, rutin 20 mg, quercetin
dihydrate 30 mg, hesperidin 20 mg
inositol 64 mg
choline bitartrate 125 mg
coenzym q10 6 mg
lutein (tagetes erecta – flower oleoresin) 300 µg
lycopene 500 µg

Non-medicinal ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, pregelatinized starch, croscarmellose sodium, silicon dioxide, ascorbyl palmitate, maltodextrin, vanilla extract, sunflower lecithin, palm olein, guar gum.
laboratory tested. quality guaranteed. meets usp specifications for potency, uniformity, and disintegration, where applicable.
*retinol activity equivalent
**usana olivol protected under us patens 6,358,542 or 6,361,803
usana health sciences, inc., 3838 w. parkway blvd., salt lake city, utah 84120 usa
distributed by: usana canada company, 80 innovation drive, woodbridge, ontario l4h ot2
store below (25 °C).
made in usa
– you have diabetes, cancer, iron deficiency, gallstones or a bile duct obstruction, stomach ulcers or excess stomach acid, liver disorder or develop symptoms of liver trouble (such as abdominal pain, dark urine, or jaundice), or another medical condition. if you are taking a prescription effectiveness of these medications. people sensitive to nicotinic acid may experience flushing of the skin that is generally mild and transient. consult your physician for use beyond 12 weeks.

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"USANA's potency guarantee ensures that what is on the label is what is in the bottle. Our strict manufacturing processes make certain that every USANA nutritional supplement is of the absolute highest quality and cointains the proper, labelled levels of potency." - Dr. Myron Wentz

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